iTRAVEL, iEXPLORE Tours & Services

TRAVELS are always very personal. It shows a voyagers personal preference and lifestyle.

To EXPLORE is to seek the deeper meaning in every travel. It is the reason.

Thus, TRAVEL and to EXPLORE is the ideal blend of every journey. It’s combination is a science -- gratification comes when the beauty of the destination satisfies the sophistication of one’s expectation.

It is the commitment that iTRAVEL, iEXPLORE pledges to its clients.

iTRAVEL, iEXPLORE brings in new blood. We are not the usual travel advisors. We fit into our client's shoes. We understand their needs as traveler and responsible tourists.

EXPLORE the wonders of the Philippines 7,107 islands with us.

Why choose iTRAVEL, iEXPLORE ?

iTRAVEL, iEXPLORE personalizes customer service.
Our combined 12 years in the hospitality industry makes us well-verse with the ins and outs of ensuring customer satisfaction

iTRAVEL, iEXPLORE prioritize clients convenience.
We don’t offer only what is out in the market, we give you the best offer there is to ensure that every prepared travel packages suits our clients individual preference’s. We make complex bookings simple. Our patron’s utmost convenience is our care.

iTRAVEL, iEXPLORE offers beyond the usual.

Cost doesn’t ensure a worthwhile trip. It’s always the experience that counts. And for sure, we have every meaningful spree which is beyond your usual expectation.

iTRAVEL, iEXPLORE advocates responsible tourism.
We support eco-tourism by providing our conscientious travelers and budding tourists eco-friendly trip options.

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